Have you heard about the Incognito Art Show?

melbourne artist

The Incognito Art Show is a not-for-profit organisation supporting Australian artists. Profits raised go towards funding programs that support artists working with disabilities. 


The identity of an artwork’s artist will remain anonymous at all times. Only once an artwork is bought, will the artist’s name be revealed to the buyer on the back of the artwork.

Every piece of artwork (A5 in size), regardless of artist, is sold for just $100. Will you be able to recognise the three paintings I’ve submitted?

The show’s unique model provides greater access to art-buying for those without the usual means to do so, as well as democratises art selection; buyers buy what they truly love, not a big name.

All details for the 2024 Incognito Art Show can be accessed via - https://www.incognitoartshow.com

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