Artist Statement

‘As contemporary life grew increasingly busy and finding it difficult to disconnect from modern complexities, I felt a profound need for solace and simplicity. This led me to my art practice and creation of abstract works that evolve intuitively without restraint.

Deeply inspired by nature, I am captivated by its beauty and power. My intention is always to weave these elements into my art, evoking energy and a sense of calm for the viewer to experience in their own unique way. I feel great freedom when painting allowing my work to continually evolve and connect my audience to the Australian coastal and hinterland landscapes I create within.

Through my art I hope to further explore my life experiences and transfer the intangible onto the canvas while remaining authentic to my artistic intentions and origins. I feel privileged to provide a visual escape that may inspire viewers to pause and find their own moments of peace and connection to nature amidst the complexities of modern life.’

 — Chalie MacRae


Chalie MacRae is a self-taught contemporary abstract artist living and working in Naarm (Melbourne), Australia. A born and bred Melburnian of Scottish-Italian descent, she developed what would become a long-term love for art after travelling abroad as a young adult. However, it wasn’t until mid-career as an intelligence analyst that Chalie sought a more peaceful and fulfilling path through art.

Inspired by nature’s power and beauty, Chalie intertwines elements of the landscape and emotion into her practice. Working in acrylics and oils, and predominantly on large canvases, her works evoke a sense of freedom and connection to self and nature. 

Chalie gravitates towards a nature inspired colour palette and works in a gestural style which she finesses while bringing works to life. Chalie continues to evolve her abstract landscapes which are heavily influenced by her love of hiking Australia's coastlines and hinterlands.

Exhibiting in numerous exhibitions, Chalie’s works are held in private collections nationally and internationally. Chalie’s work has and continues to be commissioned by art collectors and interior designers for private residences within Australia and abroad. Her works have featured on Australian TV shows such as Open Homes Australia, The Block and Sunrise, and in Australian print publications including Home Beautiful, Inside Out and Home Beautiful-Hamptons Homes; as well as online blog features such as TLC Interiors.

In 2023, Chalie spent time away from her art practice to transform an industrial style warehouse in Yarraville into her studio gallery. Following this she participated in the inaugural Inner West Art Fair to share her passion for art and showcasing it in Melbourne’s inner west.

Chalie continues to practice and show her work direct from her studio gallery, and is currently represented (non-exclusively) in Victoria and Queensland, Australia.